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Jason Gilbert   B.Sc, M.Chiro

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Jason has always been fascinated by health and how the human body functions.  His family owned a health food store when he was younger which influenced his life’s path in caring for people and helping them better understand, regain and maintain their health. 

He suffered from back pain at a very young age and his life changed when a client at the health food store suggested Chiropractic. He loved the idea of helping people’s health improve whilst only using your hands! With time he managed to combine it with something else that he was passionate about-surfing. He has been an official Sports Physician of the World Surf League for 20 years and his work with athletes is the same as the work he does with anyone else- recognize what is physiological process is compromised and restore normal function. 

He believes that pain and illness are a golden opportunity to find the true cause of a problem and as such should not be a practitioner’s main focus of treatment. Jason had the chance to test that theory first hand when years and years of chronic gastrointestinal problems and many consultations with all sorts of specialists , resulted only in anguish as nobody could find what was wrong. He eventually discovered that the cause was mercury toxicity. As treatment for heavy metal toxicity is largely unknown in the medical community he had to search for someone who knew how to get this extremely dangerous toxin from his body. Through his search he met many incredible functional health practitioners from all around the world. It took 8 years to fully detox and in this time he learnt so much about health and wellbeing and applied these newly learned principals to his own health.

At almost 50 years old he feels so much better in every sense than when he was 30 years of age.  His philosophy is that if our body is given the correct nutrients and if we remove it from the same environment that is making it sick or function less than optimally, we can age younger. We can have more energy, be more mentally alert and be happier than ever.

Fiona Noonan   B.Comm

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Fiona is a certified Yoga Teacher and Health Coach that is dedicated to clean living. As a mother of two she understands how hard it can be to put yourself first, however believes that by elevating your own health and happiness you will see all areas of your life prosper.  She is  passionate about helping bring people to their full health potential through focusing on clean eating, physical activity, self-care and the removal of toxins and toxic habits. Her love of yoga and belief that it can be a catalyst for change to all areas of life has led her to wanting to share this with others.


Through overcoming her own health and body challenges she has found a new level of health and happiness. An eating disorder and subsequent loss of her gallbladder in her teens, left exhausting digestive issues. Fiona spent many years regaining her health and through proper nutrition and the elimination of inflammatory foods she was able to unlock her body’s power to treat and heal itself and literally reached a new level of happiness and energy.


She believes that while there are so many toxins that we can’t avoid, there are so many that we can easily eliminate from our lives. Minimising toxins and increasing nutrients is a key element of health for ourselves and our families.  What enters our body affects us on a cellular level but a whole life level. Our level of health directly impacts everything that is important in our lives, affecting how we feel, how much energy we have, how happy we are and how well we can reach our full potential.

Fiona’s aim is to help introduce sustainable changes into your life that become a  fundamental part of how you live. She is passionate about helping you to become accountable for your health, help bring meditation and yoga into your daily life and show you the essential ingredients that can deliver a life that is brighter and lighter than you imagined. Bringing back your spark and feeling younger longer.

Byron Bay Hinterland, Australia

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