Measuring our level of health is very difficult. Most of us rely on laboratory tests to assess our current level of health, however these tests are only a measure of pathology. They test for specific markers or conditions, which arise as a result of lack of health. It is easy to understand how so many people, upon hearing from their doctor that their test results for disease were negative, that they leave the doctor's office thinking that they are healthy. This is sadly untrue and misleading. Health is very difficult to measure and most people do it based on how they feel or how they look in the mirror. These are inaccurate ways of understanding what your level of health is. There are many people that wake up feeling great and suffer a heart attack later on that day. There are others with stage 4 cancer, that takes years and years of systemic dysfunction to cause, that look great in the mirror, and may even feel great in spite of having a terminal disease. So these are clearly not good indicators of health.

Each individual has a distinct level of health. Your unique lifestyle is distinct to you. As such what you need to maintain or restore health is distinct. The toxins you have been exposed to and the toxins that you need to remove are not necessarily the same as everyone else. 

At Byron Bay Health Hub we use highly advanced ways of assessing your health to measure your current level of cellular function. Combined with a detailed history about your life, your level of exercise, the quality of your sleep, stress, your exposure to toxins and the degree of nourishment you receive from your diet and much more it is possible to measure the state of your health and the impact that your lifestyle is having on your wellbeing.