Living is not about simply existing and getting through each day. Too many of us accept things like waking up tired, not having enough energy to play with the kids, sleeping poorly or not being able to maintain our weight, as normal. They are not!

Remember the energy that we had as kids that enabled us to play tirelessly, sleep like angels and have our wounds and ailments cure rapidly? What happened along the way that made us lose this energy, either partially or fully? Why is it that most of us accept a life without this vitality and all of the benefits that wellbeing brings, as normal?

The FEEL YOUNGER LONGER Wellbeing Retreats are exactly that, opportunities to call time out on normal life, reset and to acquire the knowledge to improve the physiological functional of your body. 

Most of us lose our zing gradually, from adolescence onwards. Many factors contribute to this, including incorrect diet, inadequate exercise routines, stress, alcohol, smoking, poor sleep patterns and digestive issues to name just a few. Each person has their own individual process and that is why FEEL YOUNGER LONGER conducts highly specialized, small group retreats to focus on each person’s unique requirements.


Our ultimate aim is to guide you to a higher state of health and wellbeing using an in depth process to determine the factors that may be impeding you from feeling that energy & vitality that you deserve.  By gradually introducing what has been missing from your life, while helping you start the process of removing the influences that have been negatively affecting you, optimal results will be obtained. 

While relaxation is an important aspect of a retreat, so too is RESETTING your physical and emotional body and your gut, so that you may return to your life not only relaxed but also energized and enthused to continue on with this process. Our educational workshops are an important part of this process as are the scientifically validated therapies that you will experience while you are here.